Coming up with a list of only 10 games that give us nostalgia was a challenge, considering we all had terrific suggestions. When making this list we all began to remember great memories playing some childhood classics. The games on this list consist of games we played on several consoles from the N64 to the PS2 and more! Does Pokémon make the cut? Check out our list!

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The Sweethaven team consists of some heavy and passionate gamers. After hours of arguments and general discussion we've compiled our Top 5 Current Games. Read our list and tell us what you think! Do you agree with our list? What games did we miss out? 

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Sweethaven Gaming Event

Event report from Jodie Upton, Sweethaven Retail Team Member

On Saturday 27th August, Sweethaven welcomed gaming legend @Officialmgh through our doors to host the biggest FIFA gaming event in Reigate history. With a rush of people throughout the day there were FIFA tournaments, Virtual Reality demonstrations, raffle prizes and more!

Contenders travelled from across the region to show off their FIFA gaming skills in the bid to win the highly anticipated pre-order of FIFA ’17… and the atmosphere was electric.

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After sourcing the components best for your PC and building the machine of your dreams, your next question should really be: ‘How do I maintain the life and performance of my gaming PC?’ The answer requires dedication and future investment but if you are passionate about your machine then it should be an easy decision.

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With the gaming phenomena growing every day, Virtual Reality (VR) is the obvious next step to the ultimate gaming experience. At Sweethaven, we have been testing out the immensely popular Oculus Rift VR headset and so far we’ve found nothing that we haven’t been able to rave about. Whether we’re swimming with sharks or exploring Norway, the Oculus Rift turns the ordinary to the extraordinary!

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Gaming Headset

When operating a gaming PC it’s the accessories that really bring the virtual universe to life. Whilst the PC itself is handling the gameplay it’s the additional items that provide the enhanced experience.

At Sweethaven we are always looking at the best and newest accessories to help maximise all kinds of gameplay. Here we have listed some of our personal favourites!

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Water cooling for gaming PCs

There’s no doubt about it, custom builds present an exciting opportunity for gaming success. But with such a multitude of decisions to make, deciding what will be best for your exact needs can be a difficult task!

This week we look at the key areas for you to make sure your gaming PC meets the right spec for enabling your gaming triumphs:

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Gaming laptop options

Here at Sweethaven, we’re often asked for our top choices of gaming machines for varying gaming requirements.

Within this week’s blog, we look to compare the relative pro’s and con’s of two of MSI’s most popular models: The MSI GS70-2QC vs The MSI GT72-6Q2.

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Enhanced gaming performance

Fancy yourself as the next pro gamer? Do you think you have what it takes? Of course you do! Just a few top tips and tricks stand between you and ultimate gaming champion status…

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Sweethaven is shortlisted for prestigious Toast of Surrey apprenticeship scheme award

Surrey has shortlisted Sweethaven as a finalist for the Toast of Surrey award for “Apprenticeship Scheme of the Year”.

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