There’s no doubt about it, custom builds present an exciting opportunity for gaming success. But with such a multitude of decisions to make, deciding what will be best for your exact needs can be a difficult task!

This week we look at the key areas for you to make sure your gaming PC meets the right spec for enabling your gaming triumphs:



To begin you want to look at what processor it is your custom build will need. Due to the high demand games require, it is often recommended to go for the highest processor possible (usually a core i7), however that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. A core i5 should also be able to manage intense gaming with no real problems, as long as the processor you choose is unlocked. An unlocked processor will allow you to boost the gigahertz inside it, so you can carry on cranking up the speed of performance as suitable for you.


A key focus area! You want to make sure you can clearly see the definition of players or locations then get maximum experience from your game. Make sure to have a good read of range of reviews and request some qualified opinions before choosing your graphics card.

Top tip - when choosing a graphics card, ensure you pick something that will handle the most powerful game at the time of purchase.


When looking at RAM, a vital component in any machine, the recommendation is to go for gaming RAM made specifically for the use of gameplay. What makes this particular RAM different is that it has cooling blocks that will prevent your machine from overheating, keeping your PC safe and extending its life expectancy on top of that. Another advantage of gaming RAM is that your PC will run quicker and have a more powerful boost - perfect for optimised gameplay! We recommend at least 16GB of RAM inside your machine, for an uninterrupted gaming experience.


Not only will your machine need all of these components but it will also require a way of maintaining the quality of the components. This means keeping them at the lowest temperature possible so that it does not damage your machine. In terms of cooling your machine, there are two main ways to go: Water cooling your machine or using fans throughout.

Water Cooling:

This uses tubing and LEDs to produce an attractive visual when your PC is powered on. By using water cooling it loops across your entire PC to ensure cool temperatures around all of the individual components, helping them to run faster and perform at a much higher standard. The water that travels through the machine is contained in water tight piping that keeps it sealed within, however it should still be noted you will have water near you electrical goods so evaluating the security of the piping would be advisable.


The alternative option would be to install fans across and inside the casing of the machine. This method blows cool air throughout the components keeping it cool that way, the only issue here is the collection of dust the fans gather as it blows the air through meaning the machine would have to be cleaned frequently. Using fans also means you need to have enough to maintain your whole PC, the bigger the PC with the more components, the more fans would be needed. At least 2 fans per machine is recommendable.

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