Here at Sweethaven, we’re often asked for our top choices of gaming machines for varying gaming requirements.

Within this week’s blog, we look to compare the relative pro’s and con’s of two of MSI’s most popular models: The MSI GS70-2QC vs The MSI GT72-6Q2.


Processing Power

Firstly, it should be noted that although both machines are running the same core i7 processor, the MSI GT72-6Q2 is running the 6th generation processor against the 4th generation that the MSI GS70-2QC is running. What this means is that the technology has been adopted to make the 6th generation processor more efficient, both in terms of power and energy usage. This highlights the MSI GT72-6Q2 as the more updated model in terms of processing, with a longer life expectancy.

RAM Capacity

The second distinguishable difference between the two machines is the RAM capacity. Although the MSI GS70-2QC has a whopping 8GB that is maximising task usage, the MSI GT72-6Q2 doubles that with a monumental 16GB of RAM preinstalled! The amount of RAM installed on a machine speeds up the response time and allows for more tasks to be handled at once. Whilst a machine with 8GB of RAM would comfortably handle mass gameplay and graphics, by doubling the RAM you double the possibilities! Not only does this mean that mass gameplay and graphics is handled with complete ease with 16GB, you’ll also find a Skype conversation alongside video playback alongside audio download alongside web browsing can be handled a treat! With no need to stop and start, the MSI GT72-6Q2 has capacity to handle all above tasks and more.


Finally, a massive pro point of both machines for the Sweethaven team are the graphic capabilities. Both machines have integrated NVIDIA graphics cards which allow for the crispest, cleanest image. All gameplay relies on graphics to fully immerse you into the story and that’s why MSI use the NVIDIA Graphics Cards; they are the world leading manufacturer in gaming components. Although both MSI machines are fully capable with the NVIDIA graphics cards, the MSI GT72-6Q2 beats the MSI GS70-2QC ever so slightly by having the upgraded GTZ 970M card. This means that the definition is cleaner for the graphics and enhances the game playing image. The card also is more powerful, making the MSI GT72-6QS itself a more powerful machine.

The display and gaming possibilities are not going to burn out your machine and will also ensure maintenance of performance whilst expanding life expectancy. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a machine that keeps up with you and not having the fear of letting you down?


From the above analysis, it would seem the MSI GT72-6Q2 wins on overall spec. That said the MSI GS70-2QC is a more than worthy contender! For gamers looking to dedicate their machine to their gameplay and survive endless battle rounds then the MSI GS70-2QC is the one, dedicating itself to captivating images and video playback. However, for top speed and ultimate multitasking abilities then you’d want to look towards our MSI GT72-6Q2, double the RAM means double the power. With all this in mind, let the games begin!


Looking for further advice on selecting the best machine for your gaming requirements? Pop in to see us in store or ping us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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