Fancy yourself as the next pro gamer? Do you think you have what it takes? Of course you do! Just a few top tips and tricks stand between you and ultimate gaming champion status…

Follow our guide to maximise your gameplay and never miss a beat, whether battling monsters or scoring hat-tricks, trust us to get your game running to the max!

TIP 1: Performance

First things first, in order to be the best gamer you need the best performance. This means getting a machine dedicated to games you strive to play. A Sweethaven secret: We always suggest to get a machine that is capable of more than is needed for your favourite game. What this allows is security in the knowledge that your game is playable 24/7 and there is even room for added extras (such as a cheeky tweet to your beloved IT and computer store @SweethavenComp)! So we would always recommend going for an i7 processor with dedicated graphics; the better the picture, the better the gameplay!

TIP 2: Graphics

As touched on in our previous tip, you will want a graphics card powerful enough to handle the incredible gameplay you want to view… why play a game if you can’t feel like you’re actually there? So double check the graphics card is right for your machine and gaming goals. For example, a machine such as our MSI GT72-6Q2 would be optimised by a NVIDIA GTX 970M graphics card; it allows for a crisp image no matter the game and high definition like you’ve never seen it. The screen resolution is second to none and it is the true meaning of immersion. With the right graphics card, you’ll soon discover that long gone are the days of unnecessary pixels and unclear blurs… say hello to clear-cut, precise, accurate depictions of characters, settings and scenery!

TIP 3: Computer Settings

Although it is super important to have a machine that is built to perform, you have to also ensure that the machine is maintained to perform! What this means is ensuring there is nothing but what is needed on the machine in terms of files and documentations. Over time machines do collate junk and temporary folders, so your computer is dedicating some of its valuable storage and processing power to these unnecessary files. Regular clean ups are recommended for the machine so that it can get rid of these unnecessary files and instead dedicate itself to the files that matter! Sweethaven would recommend doing clean ups such as these at least once a month, if possible then twice a month, to ensure your machine is performing to its highest potential! Clean up tools and some antivirus software can do this for you – give us a shout should you need any assistance with this.

TIP 4: Antivirus

As any true gamer knows, the ultimate gaming experience should never be interrupted, not for slow internet, not for unresponsive tech, not for dinner… not for anything! You’ll want your machine as responsive and up to date as possible, with nothing to slow you down. The best way to do this? Keep your PC safe with an antivirus software, allowing it to do and maintain constant scans and checks to ensure your machine is up to speed and fully functional. Should your machine ever get a virus or malware without you being aware, it could seriously slow down performance and actually prevent usage of your machine. You could potentially be midway through a level or quest and suddenly your gameplay just crashes! Avoid this by ensuring your machine is protected and armed against threats or viruses and get a trusted antivirus software that continually keeps a scan running on your machine. That way should anything flag up then you will be the first to know!

TIP 5: Accessorise

Finally, ensure you have the correct accessories with your up to date, upbeat machine! Performance isn’t just achieved visually, so make sure your gaming experience incorporates more of your 5 senses!

For an audio standard that matches that of your visuals, we would recommend a Steel Series Siberia Full-Size Headset. These enable full immersion into your gameplay. For the best tactile feedback, we would also recommend kitting yourself out with a fully equipped gaming keyboard; the interchanging colours not only bring your game to life but also increase gameplay response and even improve gaming skills!


And there you have it! Our top 5 tips to set you on the path to ultimate gaming stardom. For better games, better experience and better fun, come and visit us in-store to chat with our gaming enthusiasts and explore what the best options are for your gaming goals. Alternatively, give us a call on 01737 247090 or drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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