On Saturday 28th July Sweethaven hosted another gaming event at Sweethaven HQ. There was plenty to do at the event and with many awesome prizes to be won, it was an event not to be missed!


As mentioned, there were many activities for everyone who attended the event. There were competitions with prizes, custom gaming PC building and much more.

We begin with the Terra UK Racing Rig. The Rig is an awesome set-up that allowed everyone to compete to achieve the fastest lap. What made this even better was the fact that Terra were kind enough to give away an Android Tablet.

With this in mind, at the end of the day we had a winner and a well-deserved winner! Liam’s incredible racing wasn’t beaten and ultimately he was the winner. Great racing Liam! We hope you enjoy your Tablet.

We also had Cooler Master bring down their HTC Vive as well as their awesome Master Ride:

Inside the van and in-store we hosted a Fortnite tournament. There were prizes to be won and things got heated but eventually we got three winners:

Above are two of our lucky winners with their Cooler Master swag.

Cooler Master were also kind enough to give away a keyboard and mouse bundle to our last winner.

Throughout the day, our Gaming Specialists taught these guys how to build their own custom gaming PC:

To summarise, Saturday was an extremely fun day for everyone. There was plenty to do and with prizes to win, everyone brought their A game. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who attended the event!

Our next event is coming soon. If you want to be the 1st the hear about then sign up to our Gaming Group. Members of the Sweethaven Gaming Group receive exclusive emails about our events, new stock and any other gaming related content.



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