On Saturday 7th April, Sweethaven hosted a gaming event that was not to be missed! Fortnite: Battle Royale was the featured game chosen for the event. But with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on display for use, there was plenty to do for everyone!


With over 60 attendants confirmed for the event, we knew we had ourselves a great day ready! To make the event more fun we decided to host 3 different championships throughout the day. Competitors took turns in gaming and after each time slot there could only be one winner… The competitor with the best overall finish! With the help of Tech Data UK and Asus Republic of Gamers, the event was ready…

10AM – Midday

Our first winner was…

Samuel Songhurst! Here’s Samuel with his older brother Charlie and our very own gaming specialist, Jason Thrumble!

Samuel had some strong competition from these guys but in the end, he was victorious! Well done Samuel!

Midday – 2PM

Our second winner was…

William Mercer! Huge well done to William who not only won his time slot championship but also managed to get 1st place! Great achievement, congratulations William!


2PM – 4PM

Our final winner was…

Max Weiner Hurriaga!

With the day coming to an end there was some last minute drama! Max and his two brothers Santi and Alex competed right until the end until there was a showdown between Max and brother Alex. It was an intense finale but Max got the all important victory!

A huge Sweethaven well done to Samuel, William and Max! They took home their respective prizes and the crown for their time slot!

However, having observed the competition on Saturday, we are sure they are going to have to work hard to each defend their crowns in upcoming battles…

Stay tuned for our next gaming event coming soon! Is there something in particular you’d like to you to see for the next event? What games would interest you the most? Let us know via the comments box below!





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